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About New England Seafood

Maine is known for having the most abundant and delicious lobster in the United States. Thousands of locations including restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and even gas stations sell Maine lobsters. In addition, fresh lump lobster meat, lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, and bake stuffed lobsters are widely available and can be ordered at prices 50-75% less expensive than the rest of the country. If you are a lobster lover consider a trip up to Portland, Maine and try one of the nationally known seafood restaurants. Then stop by a seafood market on the harbor and take home some of the daily catch.

Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire are also known for lobster but more commonly for its fish and shellfish. Soft shell clams are commonly dug from sandy beaches, steamed, and served with melted butter. There are several names for these clams, including Ipswich Clams and Steamer Clams to name a few. Enjoying steamers with melted butter is just one way to enjoy them. They are often used in seafood pots combined with other seafood and called lobster bakes or clambakes as well. There are many different ways to create a clambake. Besides steamer clams, other common ingredients include live lobsters, potatoes, onions, sausage, fish, and corn on the cob. Experiencing a clambake on the beach is an old tradition and just requires a warm fire, some seaweed, and the above ingredients in a large pot. As far as fish, Massachusetts is also known for fresh haddock, one of the most popular fish caught in New England. Often used for fish in chips, this fish is flaky and easy to bread with breadcrumbs or a thick beer batter.

Rhode Island offers all of the above seafood and is probably best known for hard shell clams and chowders. Hard shell clams (named by the different sizes: quahogs, half necks, little necks, cherry stones) are cut up and used in clam chowder. New England clam chowder is often thick and white (heavy cream is used) but Rhode Island clam chowder is often clear and has a unique flavor.

New England seafood can be purchased at seafood markets throughout the country. If you are not close to a seafood market, you are in luck! There are many seafood retailers who will sell to the public and ship your order overnight. This includes live lobsters. Typically, they pack your order with gel packs or dry ice in an insulated container. These containers are basically portable refrigerators and should keep your seafood fresh for 24-48 hours.

Below are some sites you can browse seafood to find fresh seafood delivered to your door. We hope this info is useful, and check back with us soon for updated info and free seafood recipes!

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